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Outspoken Media is one of the best in the SEO business, period. No matter what field you’re in or what service you need, they got you covered. If necessary, they will conduct a full SEO audit to analyze your site and immediately find ways to improve it.
Search engine optimization (SEO) is a technique used to improve a website’s ranking within the natural or “organic” search engine results. SEO combines website optimization, content development, and various promotional techniques used to acquire links from other sites. Every real estate marketing plan should have an SEO component built into it. It’s too valuable to ignore.
You’ve heard it before – “content is king”. While this is true, it’s more accurate to say “QUALITY content is king”. The internet is so saturated with “content”, the only way to break through the noise is by creating content that drives value for your audience. Our expert in house writers and designers creates high quality content that your audience will love.
If you just want to get to it, download this eBook to take action now. Using niche SEO campaigns, Google Adwords, and Facebook you can cover more ground in less time! A lot more ground, a lot more real estate leads incoming!!
Considering sponsoring local events, such as park fairs or school concerts; volunteer or help organize charity events; give presentations on topics of expertise at a community college. Budget allowing, it is also plausible to aim for local media coverage by pitching ideas to local reporters and buying ad segments on radio or TV, or even hosting a podcast. And you can maximize the ROI of these events by implementing a lead nurturing strategy.
If this question is leaving you scratching your head, you need to work on your elevator pitch. A 30-second-or-less speech that shows off your unique skills and experience offers value and can end up producing more leads.
If you have the time to rework your website, or at the very least your “about us” page, you should add this vital information into your content. Depending on how image heavy your site is, though, this may require more work on some sites than others which is where our team can help!
Like I said above, you really want to include your keyword in the body of your blog post. You do have to be careful of using your keyword too much. A good ratio is 1 to 2%. If you use the keyword anymore than this, Google will start to dock you for doing that. They see this as keyword stuffing. It looks unnatural and no one writing informative, helpful articles would use a percentage more than 1-2%.
Inaccurate data means that the business probably is young and isn’t established.  Google wants to ensure that its customers are finding the best businesses to work with and established businesses are typically better.
Over on Tierra Wilson’s blog, she shares 10 awesome Facebook posting ideas for Realtors. My favorite is posting two images and asking your fans to choose which they like the best. Remember the rule here is engagement, engagement, engagement! Interested in advertising on Facebook but not sure where to start? Check out our massive, in-depth guide to Facebook advertising here.

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Don’t forget this when buying a website! The Easy Agent Pro Real Estate website comes with these on the home page.  These reviews are great for SEO because mentioning locations and cities with the customers name tells Google where you are located.  This also help validate your business to website visitors.
One of the best ways to generate leads from your website visitors, Facebook, AdWords, or other online advertising is to offer free market reports for homeowners or buyers that you can create quickly and easily with RPR.
The best way for agents to generate real estate leads on Facebook doesn’t cost money and doesn’t involve frequent posting about real estate business either.  Instead, successful agents use this powerful…
Welcome to Miami, Florida! Resting on Florida’s southeastern tip, the city is known for its colorful art deco buildings, white sand, surfside hotels, and trendsetting nightclubs, as well as great attractions like the Villa Vizcaya, the Venetian Pool, and the Coral Castle. Thanks to its growing tech scene, Miami is also home to a thriving community of SEO professionals!
ProspectsPLUS!® offers a variety of postcards specifically for real estate agents. Choose from one of their professionally designed templates or upload your own design and start your postcard marketing campaign today.
Many real estate websites will use the same blog content issued by their headquarter real estate company as blog content for their local real estate website without rewriting it. As a result, they will have lots of content, but all of it is seen as duplicate content by Google, as it is used by every other realtor or broker representing that real estate company. This hurts SEO as well. I encourage my real estate clients to always rewrite that content so that Google sees it as original.
Drip marketing emails are prewritten messages that get sent automatically to your leads. They help you foster a relationship and nurture leads through the sales funnel. In this guide, Bushery provides many examples of drip marketing emails that can be used in a variety of situations.
As one of the top real estate seo expert around our aim of every business owner is to get more out of an Internet marketing campaign. You can consider SEO for real estate websites as a long term investment, which can push your sales at much less of a cost than short term investments such as print marketing. Our real estate seo consultants provide great online results and help you gain more people shopping for homes in your local area., in fact, provides you with best possible returns on your investment. If used effectively, real estate SEO techniques can help you generate more real estate leads for you and your brokerages. We are a Real Estate SEO Company located in Ocala, Florida, I am consider one of the first consultants to start providing Services to real estate agents and Realtor’s throughout the country by in 2001.
Our specialty is to combine blogging with search engine optimization. In short, we can help you boost your web traffic and visibility by publishing high-quality content tailored to your local real estate market. Learn more on our services page, or contact us with any questions you have.
As expert SEO consultants in Miami, We customize SEO strategies with thorough website audits and deliver insights based on properly analyzed data. All of our SEO work is tailored to meet a client’s unique needs.
Email marketing is one of the best ways to create a marketing funnel online. Repetition and retention is very important when it comes to marketing real estate online. Email Marketing is the icing on the cake as it collects a PPC lead and sends an email newsletter at predetermined times featuring your real estate information.
Now I’m not saying you’ve got to limit yourself to a single target market forever. I’m all for world domination and taking it as big as you want to go…but what I’m suggesting is that you choose a single target market at a time and then move on to Idea #3…which is.
Get more leads to your site by working with our SEO experts on an ongoing basis. We’ll handcraft a competitive strategy that will draw more traffic to your site and ultimately improve your lead generation. We tailor our SEO strategy for your specific site, then execute it with finesse.
There’s no better way to show off listings from the MLS than with an IDX enabled site. IDX (Internet Data Exchange) technology syndicates fresh MLS listings right to your website. That means your leads have no reason to go anywhere else to see ALL properties for sale in your area. Amazingly, building an IDX enabled site can be easy and very affordable. Want to learn how to make one for less than $4 a month? Check out our comprehensive guide on how to put together a real estate website in under an hour, all for less than $4/month via Bluehost.

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