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Have a real estate website but not sure what the best way is to capture leads? This article discusses 7 of the best ways to engage customers and capture leads on your website. One great tip is to offer a content upgrade. This means offering more exclusive content like an ebook or members area in exchange for contact information.
The company has helped more than a few real estate firms build their site from the ground up and go on to thrive. Guru Effect knows that real estate agents need to become local stars to be successful, and they have the tools to help guide agents on their journey to becoming the stars of their community.
White Hat Practices –Many companies face problems as they are using black hat SEO techniques to achieve higher rankings. While the results are encouraging at the start, their websites are banned in search engines at the end. Our white hat practices works!
Searchers are changing their browsing habits, and you have to change with it. Even without Google making provisions, smart website owners and SEO specialists are thinking ahead. SEO experts from our company just help you to put this effort into a language Google responds to.
Yes, absolutely. The reason most real estate agents hire SEO experts is because they would rather focus on working leads than getting them! SEO is time-consuming and takes years to master, but it can be learned like most other skills.
Once the foundation of the site is concrete, we begin looking at additional development opportunities for your site. Our content creation work will continue, as this is the cornerstone of SEO, but we’ll also begin looking at off-site opportunities to increase traffic. Our focus will be on brand awareness, getting content in front of the right people, increasing traffic and attracting backlinks.
The team behind GrowthHouse also runs Follow Up Boss, a sales driven CRM dedicated to helping agents and teams focus and follow up for more appointments and sales. Click here to learn more about how Follow Up Boss can help you accelerate your growth.
It can seem like marketing is moving entirely into the digital realm– and indeed, the majority of an in-touch lead generation strategy should focus on the technological and the inbound. However, there is some value in maintaining an old-fashioned touch to your high-tech approach! Consider putting print to paper– “just listed” and “just sold” postcards, business cards, even the occasional flyer can serve as attention-grabbers, particularly for older homeowners.
At a minimum, I recommend using local search and SEO for your real estate search engine marketing program. These should be the foundation of your SEM campaign. Why? For one thing, they are both free to use. You can list your business for local search display for free. You can optimize your website for better search engine visibility (SEO) for free. You can publish blog articles on popular topics for free, in order to bring in more traffic. So why wouldn’t you?
Links are the lifeblood of your rankings! We already have algorithms in place to identify experts on any given subject and get you more exposure. We can strategize a group of best links to turn your business more relevant and get you ranked at 1st position on search engines.
Something as basic as only putting company information like the phone number or address in the banner or pictures may seem attractive to some clients. Unfortunately, it also makes it difficult for Google to find this information. With the rise of location specific keywords, new content created by SEO experts has addressed part of the problem, but it’s time to go all the way.
Element 360 is an industry leader when it comes to generating leads for real estate firms. The company takes an analytic approach to everything, taking in every piece of data possible and finding the best way to apply it to each individual real estate broker.
As we discussed, other features including a blog page, client testimonials, social media links, content upgrade offers, and even community news can all contribute to bringing your site together as the cornerstone of your online lead generation strategy.
Get expert advice without the expert cost! One of our highly skilled SEO pros will personally evaluate your site, record their findings and put together a formal report that offers observations and SEO recommendations. We evaluate a total of 32 individual elements, from the following categories:
Even with the best efforts put into SEO, there is a lot of luck involved, and your efforts might come up short. This is where SEM comes into play, as the knowledge you gain from keyword success in SEM can benefit you greatly in devising a bulletproof SEO strategy.
With emails, the most important aspect is the email subject line. They are key to get the recipient to open and read the email. Now, this means crafting a subject that is essentially a call-to-action but doesn’t give away too much information about the email and shows that you are not a spammer. It is sort of a “Goldilocks scenario” where you have to convince the reader that the information is good enough without being too specific.
Show up like no one else and get a competitive edge with Listing Power Tools. Showcase your marketing potential with dynamic single property marketing materials and show the seller that you’re the agent that can get their home sold in the best time, at the best price.
Calling your sphere of influence can be a difficult task if you don’t have something of value to give to the people in your real estate SOI.  Being able to come from contribution is the key.  If real estate…
Safety first. No Risk SEO only utilizes tactics which are condoned by Google. Known as white hat Miami SEO, our techniques will never get your website penalized. We are extremely familiar with the most recent updates to the algorithm such as Google Panda & Google Penguin. Google is constantly releasing updates to continue to fight web spam.
The number one tip I would give to fellow agents looking to revamp their listing marketing plan is to hire a professional photographer. The most common mistake I see from other agents is the use of terrible photos on their listing. You are marketing a house for your client which is probably hundreds of thousands of dollars (here in our market many of the homes are seven figures).  Why then (when over 90% of traffic is going to come from buyers who have seen your listing online) are there still agents using their phone to take crummy pictures of a hallway and a sink? On every listing I take I hire a professional photographer to come in and shoot the home. Not only does it demonstrate your professionalism with your clients but it makes your listing look amazing. In addition you should also be doing a virtual tour. It doesn’t need to be anything fancy and you can create a basic slideshow for free in 5 minutes with all the nice photos you receive rom your photographer. Also, if you don’t know how to do it use and hire a freelance designer to do it. You can probably get it done for $5! Think of every listing as your portfolio and be prepared to show your work to all future clients so it better look good!
Your property specific landing page is designed for increased response rates. There are no long forms to fill out; with a direct call-to-action, consumers click one button to inquire about the property, and you receive a notification with their most important contact information, helping boost the number of contacts from website visitors.
No Risk SEO was formed after working for another SEO agency in Miami and realizing the lack of attention and care a clients website received. That company offered low prices, and treated every client as if they were just a number, entry level employees we’re learning on their account, etc. Furthermore, they utilized outdated tactics that did not work and even got some websites penalized, even after being advised to stop them.
One of the best lead generation and management systems available. A fully integrated custom IDX and marketing solution to drive traffic, capture leads, manage-cultivate them and close more transactions.
The real estate industry has had some interesting ups and down over the past decade – NAR (National Association of Realtors) membership hit its all-time high back in 2006 with 1,357,000 realtors before dropping dramatically with the housing financial crisis. However, since its rock bottom in 2012 (with 999,000 members), it has been steadily increasing, and with nearly 1,100,000 members in 2014, the competition among realtors is heating up.
Donna Stott of Your Coaching Matters agrees, “Repeat and no fee referrals is always the most profitable and reliable. All our clients generate 50-85% of their biz from this source. Their average income in 2017 was $353K.”
If viral content has taught us anything, it’s that there’s no predicting what an audience will find fascinating. Sometimes, a home’s price or its location in a hot market draws the views and, sometimes, it’s just been on the market for a long time. In this guide, Nancy Robbers looks at many different Zillow listings that have 10,000 views or more and compares what they all have in common.
Mailing FSBOs can be easier than cold calling and it’s probably already part of your real estate lead generation plan. But does the plan end there? If it does, you’re wasting your time. Because 65% of businesses have no follow up system in place when it comes to strategies like this.

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Phase 1 is all about laying the ground work. We ensure your site is fully functional and ready to go live, all the while developing a competitive SEO strategy that fits your unique circumstance. We’ll consult with you to determine your goals, plan the site’s architecture, perform keyword research, and set up traffic tracking. If you’re replacing an existing site, we’ll also transfer any high-quality content and implement 301 redirects.

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